Can you be tanned when having laser hair removal?

No, your skin is said to be in an excited state when it is tanned and there is a potential to burn or have hypo or hyperpigmentation.

How many treatments are needed?
Anywhere from 6-10. Hormones play a very big role in laser hair removal, which will make everyone’s outcome different.
Can I shave in between?
Yes, you can shave between treatments and before every appointment.
Will all my hair be gone after my treatments are finished?

You will have between 75-100% hair reduction. As mentioned above, everyone is different, and hormones play a huge part in our hair growth. So, it is possible that you won’t have a 100% reduction.

Can I wax or sugar before my appointment?
No, you cannot wax, sugar, or use products like Neet during treatments and you must stop six weeks before your first treatment, so the root is in the hair follicle.
I just had a baby. Can I have treatments?
After giving birth it is best to wait six months to have laser hair removal or until you are done nursing if longer than 6 months.
Does laser hair removal work on all types of hair?
No, your hair needs to be darker than your skin. It will not work on white or grey hair. The light is attracted to the colour of the hair and the darker the hair the better.
Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, effective in May 2022, we have an updated Cancellation Policy. Please read through our Cancellation Policy HERE.

*You cannot be on any antibiotics during any treatments. As well you cannot be on St. John’s Wort or Accutane for one year before starting treatments.
* If you are taking a photosensitizing medication check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if it is okay to have treatments.